Wednesday, October 04, 2006

VUWSA Elections 2007

Firstly congratulations to Geoff Hayward who has been elected 2007 VUWSA President and commiserations to Nick Kelly who lost out. The president is a hard gig and Kelly has taken the rap well as the man at the top.

Geoff will be a great president who knows what needs to get done and who has the skills so that things can be delegated to ensure that VUWSA runs with great efficiency.

Peter McCaffrey has the full results on his Blog.

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held has some good background on Geoff and the campaign on his Blog.

I was elected to the position of Treasurer and the 2007 budget is already underway. This is possibly one of the important issues that VUWSA will deal with this year. Having raised the student levy VUWSA must use this to place us back onto a sound financial footing otherwise students are not being well served by their students association.

Nicola Kean has covered this in a "Newsflash" on the Salient Blog.



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