Monday, September 10, 2007

Elect Me!! - VUWSA 2008

Hey All

I am running for 2008 VUWSA Treasurer in the VUWSA election that will be held from the 21st to 27th September. I would like to call for all people who read this blog to please look at my record on VUWSA this year and consider voting for me if you are able. Also if you know anyone who is studying at Victoria can you please ask them to vote (because decisions are made by those who turn up) and especially vote for me.

What have I done this year:
  • Kept VUWSA to budget
  • Managed transition from deficit budgets to surplus budget
  • Chaired the Publications committee
  • Sat on VUWSA trust while discussions over Campus Hub Project held
  • Sat on Sports and Cultural Clubs Councils ensuring that club sponsorship get distributed fairly
  • Renewed policies around expence approval and payments to allow greater management of student funds
This list is just a small part of the VUWSA Treasurers job that I have done this year.

More information can be obtained by continuing to watch this page or by emailing me at or ringing / txting me on 021 329 681.


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